Understanding the Different Types of Executive Search

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This blog post on understanding the different types of executive search has been our most successful so thought it worth a refresh as some of the information has changed since we originally posted. There are different types of Executive Search and each is effective in its own way. The difference is primarily in the level of […]

Uber’s CEO search: Insights from Greg Lamboy

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Hager Executive Search Partner and VP of Talent Acquisition Greg Lamboy was interviewed last week by Bernadette Tansey of Xconomy with regard to Uber‘s CEO search.  And while the announcement that Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi had been selected for the role took place only two days after publication, the article offers some valuable insight into what […]

Company Culture | How to avoid Cookie-cutter Hiring

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Culture fit has been put into question as it is perceived to some as a way to hire the same type of people to an organization and in so doing is reducing the diversity as opposed to increasing an organization’s overall effectiveness. In defining your company culture you should look at how diverse ideas, thoughts, […]

Interview Guide for Executive Hiring Managers

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We have received input from executive level candidates on their candidate experience and thought it worth sharing so you can ace your executive candidate interviews. Whether or not you are interested in the executive candidate for the role, the candidate should walk away from your interview/company with the best of impressions, wanting them to want […]

5 Tips for Hiring the Right Executive Talent for your Startup

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It’s a curious thing, executive hiring. It would seem that every person who starts a business assumes that because they are strong in their field of expertise, they automatically know how to grow a team and mentor them to success. Truth told it’s never been that easy and with the current talent market it’s become even […]

The Critical Difference between Passive Talent and Active Talent

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We recently concluded a search for client who asked us to source passive executive level talent for a critical role in their organization.  As an Executive Search Firm, it’s not unusual for a client to request us to hunt for successful people who are actively working in their industry and alert them to our client’s […]

When to Use a Retained Executive Search Firm

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Retained Executive Search Firms are effective for different reasons The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) conducted a survey on the use of Retained Executive Search Firms for key openings and compared the choice to other resources used such as internal recruiting departments, contingent recruiters, and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). In eight out of nine situations, […]

Paying for the Know How

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There’s a plot line in the latter half of James Michener’s sprawling novel Chesapeake that bears an interesting parallel to what many professional service providers face when trying to explain their offering to potential clients. Michener’s story includes a scene where a vacationing tourist’s sailboat runs aground in the surprisingly shallow Chesapeake Bay.  A local […]

4 Strategy Tips for Executive Hiring Managers

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If your team finds itself missing a key executive team member, you’ll be faced with a task that has become increasingly daunting over the past few years – replacing a high level position in a highly competitive talent market. If you are unsure where to start, we’ve compiled 4 helpful tips to use when beginning […]