• How to Find What You Need
    Different companies have different needs. And openings occur for different reasons. Maybe
    it’s a new role. Maybe it’s a replacement for an existing position. Finding the right talent can
    be difficult. If your current efforts aren’t producing the type of talent that your organization
    needs, let’s talk.

  • Sometimes You Need Another Perspective
    Start-ups. Fortune 50 companies. Mid-size organizations. Whether it’s how to recruit hard to find
    talent or just a perspective on what type of executives would make your organization stronger,
    having an outside perspective can help. Get where you want to go and who you want along with you
    for the ride regardless of your company size.

  • Flexibility Where You Need It
    Sometimes a company has many of the essentials it needs to successfully conduct an executive
    search. It just needs a few outside elements to add to existing recruiting efforts to bring in the
    right talent. Maybe it’s research. Perhaps it’s crafting the right job description. Or creating
    the ideal talent profile. Let’s collaborate.

San Francisco Executive Search Firm with a global reach

Acquire the best leadership talent to strengthen your organization by collaborating with Hager
as premier companies in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York City, Los Angeles and other great cities have for over a decade.
"I am seldom a fan of search firms but found my mind completely turned around after working with Hager Executive Search. Hager is an outstanding partner in the process who truly embrace the client relationship. They thoroughly researched the best candidates, making sure their skills sets and emotional intelligence aligned with our requirements and cultural DNA. Hager was a trusted partner and someone we will work with again and again." - Chief Talent Officer for Professional Services / Design firm

"I whole-heartedly recommend Hager Executive Search. While leading talent acquisition at a leading digital marketing firm, Hager Executive Search repeatedly found some of the most talented executives we've ever come across." - Chief Talent Officer for Leading Digital Marketing firm
Founded in San Francisco in 2005, Hager Executive Search is a premier Executive Search Firm providing comprehensive People+Organization Consulting, Retained Executive Search, + On-Demand Recruitment Solutions to a client roster that spans emerging start-ups to the Fortune 50. Hager brings a collaborative, consultative approach to better understand where and how our client partners can be more successful and provides talent to pilot that success. We work closely with C level client partners on key leadership roles ranging from the C Suite to S/VP to Senior Director and routinely conducts searches in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York City, Los Angeles, and other major and emerging markets nationally.

Hager conducts searches for Leaders and Visionaries like Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Revenue Drivers like Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and SVP Business Development, Storytellers and Innovators like Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and SVP Brand, and Value Communicators like Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Digital Officer (CDO).