Understanding the Different Types of Executive Search

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This blog post on understanding the different types of executive search has been our most successful so thought it worth a refresh as some of the information has changed since we originally posted. There are different types of Executive Search and each is effective in its own way. The difference is primarily in the level of […]

Uber’s CEO search: Insights from Greg Lamboy

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Hager Executive Search Partner and VP of Talent Acquisition Greg Lamboy was interviewed last week by Bernadette Tansey of Xconomy with regard to Uber‘s CEO search.  And while the announcement that Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi had been selected for the role took place only two days after publication, the article offers some valuable insight into what […]

Peeple app “an evolution in recruitment solutions”? Hardly.

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Controversial App Peeple Thinks It Can Make LinkedIn ‘More Relevant’ Greg Lamboy from Hager Executive Search interviewed for article about controversial app. We were recently contacted by Inc. Magazine to give our opinion of the Peeple app and how it might be related to executive search.  If you’re unfamiliar, Peeple describes itself as an app […]

4 Strategy Tips for Executive Hiring Managers

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If your team finds itself missing a key executive team member, you’ll be faced with a task that has become increasingly daunting over the past few years – replacing a high level position in a highly competitive talent market. If you are unsure where to start, we’ve compiled 4 helpful tips to use when beginning […]

6 Signs You Should Invest in Executive Candidate Experience

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Candidate experience  is the process of candidate introduction to your company from the beginning to the end of an executive search. The candidate experience should be seamless and the process should be fine-tuned to ensure that all  interactions represent a positive experience for the “A” talent community that you are seeking. Listed below are 6 […]

3 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Your Employer Brand

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Employer brand is the reputation your company has with the targeted talent community that your company needs/wants to draw from. If you are losing candidates to your competitors, and getting frustrated that you are not the employer of choice with your targeted talent community, there are things you can do to change that. Let’s start […]

6 Things Your Boss Wants To Know about Retained Executive Search

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It seems that everyone has their own particular perception of/about Executive Search. While many people understand the concept of a “recruiter”, misperceptions arise when terms liked Retained Search vs. Contingent Search, or non-exclusive vs. exclusive get added into the conversation. Because the truth is while many talent acquisition professionals are labeled as “recruiters”, the various […]

10 Signs You Should Invest in Retained Executive Search

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1. Your executive role is imperative to the success of your organization You cannot afford to make a mistake on this hire, either because you filled this role before with the wrong person that did not stay, or they did not achieve the results that you had hoped.  Perhaps the role has been open too […]

Tap into more Talent with aTalentbook

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  We’ve introduced aTalentbook – our research and consulting solution that enables clients large and small to tap into the 64% of the talent pool that does not respond to traditional recruiting methods