The Advantages of Using Hager Executive Search
For many critical positions, utilizing an executive search firm is the most effective solution. With our track record of success, Hager Executive Search may be just the solution your organization needs. We offer high-touch client services designed to assist companies to find and retain the top talent in their industry.

"Hager Executive Search is different. From the first phone call, I discovered that Hager Executive Search is about truly understanding their clients' needs and bringing the right parties together to create win-win relationships. Hager's search executives are strategic thinkers that take a personal interest in their clients' objectives, gaining a complete understanding of their need and of an individual's talent, thus saving their customers time and money in the process. They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend their services.”- SVP Sales and Marketing for Experiential Marketing Firm

What makes Hager unique?
It starts with the questions we ask. We view your open position as it relates to your organization as a whole. We are management consultants helping companies understand where and how they can be more successful and providing them with talent to pilot that success. Executive Search is not about checking off boxes on a job description or sifting through resumes sent to an email inbox from a job posting. It's about understanding your industry, your company, and your brand, then setting out to find and attract the best match. Our solution is proactive, not reactive.

"I whole-heartedly recommend Hager Executive Search...While heading Talent Acquisition at a leading digital marketing firm, Hager Executive Search repeatedly found some of the most talented executives we've ever come across." - Chief Talent Officer at Leading Digital Marketing Firm

Hager's "Stratactical" approach
We’re high level thought leaders who can set the strategy and tactically execute the search. Here’s a short list of our strengths and expertise.
Understanding where your organization is, where you want it to go, and how your open position helps get you there. We see the big picture and utilize design thinking to understand the “why” behind the “what”.
We take the deep dive into your industry and your company. Then conduct extensive research on the talent community to find the best fit for your team. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not outsource any of our research and we share our data and business intelligence with our retained client partners.
Our reputation as ethical, experienced executive search consultants has put us on the short list of go-to consultants for companies looking for top talent. We handle every search with the strictest confidentiality for both client and talent.
We’ve been successful since our founding in 2005 in the highly competitive San Francisco / Silicon Valley regions as well as other major and emerging markets nationwide.
We’ve developed deep connections over our tenure in business. The search for the best has become more difficult as talent has become more selective about what opportunities they consider and what factors will get them to consider a change. We know who to speak with and where to find the best talent.
We’re Executives having high level conversations with Executives. Our high touch, intelligent approach invokes positive responses from both our clients and the talent community. We act as effective “opportunity marketers” to a key audience – future members of your organization – and our response rate is extremely high.
Retained Search Methodology
Our Retained Search methodology is predicated on comprehensive research of the talent community to find the best fit for our clients. This research encompasses everything from a thorough examination of our clients' competitors, deep data analysis, digital footprints of online content, and marketing analysis.

Our Retained Search solutions are not based on pre-conceived ideas, nor are they formula-driven. Rather, each of our searches receives a deep level of consideration - thoughtful integration of programmatic knowledge, cultural concerns and more, along with creative design thinking. Hager's methodology is tested and adaptable; we serve as 'opportunity marketers' to the best talent and our approach enhances and preserves our clients' employer brand.

  • Listen and learn; understand your organization’s goals, values and culture
  • Understand the basic parameters for the position, including the role beyond the job description
  • Effectively quantify the responsibilities of the position and gain insight into how the role fulfills the needs of your organization
  • Gain understanding of the current status of the search including challenges
  • Ascertain needs of your organization as it pertains to the position
  • Understand your culture and what determines “fit”
  • Determine how position interfaces within your organization
  • Set + manage realistic expectations
  • Reach consensus with all members of your hiring team
  • Remain in continual contact with key stakeholders to ascertain if role and needs of your organization have evolved
  • Author a compelling and succinct ideal candidate profile to assist in the search for and attraction of the right talent
  • Understand your competitive position in the marketplace and craft customized strategy
  • Conduct extensive research, market analysis, and investigate digital footprints to design the competitive talent map
  • Creation / design of a talent marketing campaign
  • Utilize extensive experience and executive level understanding of role to focus on top tier talent
  • Talent positioning, sourcing with focus on passive and passive-active talent
  • Outreach, communication of your brand story via execution of talent marketing campaign
  • Conduct extensive interviews to establish short list, ascertain talent acumen and acuity with regard to solving your organization’s challenges
  • Present short list of candidates to hiring team for consideration
  • Gathering of feedback and continual communication with both hiring team and short list talent
  • Decide on optimal talent
  • Liaise between your organization and talent to negotiate offer, salary and start date
  • Assist with new hire on-boarding process
  • Status at 30, 60 and 90 days