Hiring Trends for 2018 | How to Make a Positive Impact

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As we have just began 2018, thought it a great time to focus on the Employer hiring trends for 2018. Indeed published a great survey highlighting hiring trends for the upcoming year. I have included the link here.

To sum up the hiring trend findings, here are the key points:


  • 61% of companies plan to hire more people in 2018 than last year


  • 56% of companies are hiring due to business growth


  • 42% of companies are concerned they won’t find the talent they need


How to Impact the Hiring Trends for 2018

If you are part of the 42% of companies that are concerned your company won’t find the talent you need in 2018, there are several key areas that you can focus on that will improve your company’s ability to attract and convert the best talent. Candidate experience (viewing the candidate as a consumer) is a trend that has been around for years, however not all companies use it as well as they can. Candidate experience can be a great differentiator to the talent community that you are seeking, if done well, candidate experience can lead to much higher job offer acceptance rates. We wrote a blog post on this topic last year, for more information you can access the post here.

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Another key area to improve impact is the sourcing conversion rates of your talent acquisition group. Sourcing conversion rates are a key differentiator that are a huge factor in increasing success rates for attracting and converting the best talent. Sourcing conversion rates should be measured and continually improved to ensure your hiring team is performing well on this key performance indicator. There are two areas that you should watch when analyzing your conversion rates, total sourcing population size and numbers of candidates sourced from these groups.

Here are other tips for hiring at full employment from a previous blog post.

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