Design a better talent strategy using workforce data

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LinkedIn published a helpful blog on the SF Bay Area hiring and workforce trends for 2017. This workforce data can greatly improve your company’s talent strategy in 2018. I have included the link to the article here:


Valuable workforce data on migration to the San Francisco Bay area is included in the LinkedIn blog which is helpful in constructing the best talent strategy for your San Francisco Bay Area searches. The SF Bay Area is seeing record low unemployment as noted in the SF Gate article below:


With San Mateo County having the lowest unemployment rate at 2.1 percent, followed by Marin County at 2.3 percent and San Francisco at 2.4 percent.

A strong talent strategy is needed when the unemployment rate for professionals is only 2%

The unemployment rate for professionals and executives is only 2%.

Given the low unemployment numbers, workforce data on migration becomes even more valuable for sourcing top talent to grow your company. The top three cities that the San Francisco Bay Area is gaining workers from is New York City, Boston and Chicago and is losing the most workers to Seattle, Portland, and Denver.


Since the SF Bay area has record low unemployment, relocation candidates from New York City, Boston and Chicago represent great talent sources for your difficult to fill positions. A great deal of our success in filling executive positions in the current market environment is strategizing additional channels of talent for our clients. Using workforce data can make your talent strategy more effective, which in turn reduces time to fill, resulting in less negative effects on your company’s performance rates.


We provided some tips for companies that are looking to hire great talent during full employment.  For additional tips on hiring at full employment you can access our blog here:

Designing the best talent strategy is key to finding the best talent, but is even more important during a time of full employment.